Action Committee

AI For Who You're Supposed To Be

I'm Ready

Action Committee takes back control of your devices from the competing interests of technology companies fighting for space and time on your phone. Collaborate with an AI assistant trained in proven productivity techniques, enjoy personalized workflow, and augmented performance so you can live your passion.

How it Works


Connect with an AI assistant on your devices, tell them your goals, and let the AI drive new habits.


As your devices adapt to your needs, watch yourself hit your goals and the AI automate repetitive routines for you.


As you become more accomplished, your goals and producitivty habits will need to change over time, but Action Commitee grows with you.

Meet the Founders



Chris is founder of PRServe, a public relations agency for startups. He has worked closely with many top startups to craft exclusive, customized PR campaigns. Since launching PRServe in 2011, Chris has successfully helped launch over 600 promising startups. He is an advisor to startups and nonprofits, including the Blue Star Families' project Operation Honor Cards, inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama's Joining Forces program.



JB researches and develops AI projects at the MIT Design Lab, specializing in AI to improve healthy relationships and behaviors, and consults and advises technology and finance companies on machine learning and AI. JB holds a MS in Computer Science with a Machine Learning concentration from the University of Columbia in the City of New York, and a BS in Computer Science from Rutgers University.